Friday, October 17, 2014

Reunited...Day 2

Well, until 6:45. I woke up to Adrian standing by my bed, staring at me, asking, "auntie, can I watch those eggs on your phone?" How could you say no?! I put on this super weird You Tube video Aikman loves and showed Manny, where an Asian woman unwraps Easter eggs made of clay and takes a small toy out of each one. It's like 45 minutes and you just hear her voice and see her hands. I couldn't even tell you how Monks came across it, but they love it. Weirdos. We got the kids ready and headed to breakfast (by ready, I mean teeth brushed and chanclas on). It was hard with the three of them because of the taller tables they had, but everyone's tummy got full so it was all good. We then went upstairs to get ready and to head out to the Frisco Mall! We had to go to the Lego store and the Disney store. Plus, I just wanted to look. We met up with Tio and Tia and shopped and then headed to the most amazing burger place ever. Yep, and I don't know the name. I will find it though! Okay, it's Kennys Burger Joint. Yes I went and looked it up. And yes I am talking to you like you knew you had to wait for me to get it. Sorry! Anyway, we had the best burger ever, no joke and the best fries ever. They were parmesan truffle fries. Hello! A. Mazing. The kids had great burgers too but with their meal, they get to design a sundae! You have a little card you check stuff off on and then they bring it to you after you eat! Yeah, super cool! They were loving it. We then did a little more shopping and had to hit up Trader Joe's! We then headed home late afternoon. It went by fast but oh man the laughs we shared and the memories we made were worth it! We had such an awesome time and I am so grateful to Mike and especially Jenny for taking such great care of our babies. We missed them but didn't have to worry and as parents, that's a crazy rare feeling. Love you guys! 

Waking up and watching tv! 
Dressed and fed
Pips found her dream car lol she did buy an Elsa doll of course and Monks bought a Lego set with superheroes. 
We were about to eat the best burger ever...
Here she is. Just beautiful. I got a mushroom and Brie burger. Hello! 
Pips about to get her sundae
One of the sets Aikman got. 

Reunited...And It Feels So Good

Wednesday morning we drove to meet everyone at the Ft. Worth Zoo! I couldn't wait to see my babies! Our plans were to stay the night, we had a hotel room, and just hang out, swim, shop and eat at random places! We met right as the zoo opened and the kids were very excited to see us! We had a wonderful time at the zoo, it was hot but I guess I was just so happy, I didn't even think about it. The kids all had snow cones and we just snacked and then had lunch at Freebirds. It was then check in time and we got settled in the room...and hit the pool of course! The kids had a wonderful time and so did the adults! We were the only ones there! We then headed back to the room to change and get ready for dinner at Sushiyaa. It's an all you can eat sushi and noodle bar. I'm not a big fan but I always try it hoping to like it. Well, I still didn't lol but they did have wonderful noodles, soup and appetizers! Devin was in heaven and Monks still talks about that place. He was a big fan. My baby boy liking sushi. Adorable! Manny, Pips and I ate the same things. Ha ha. We then went back to our hotel with Manny in tow for a cousin sleepover! After several days with three kids 4 and under, we figured they could use a break! They deserved a date night. I was a little nervous that Adrian would not want to spend all night with us, but you get the three kids together and they will do anything! We watched Jaws 2, and on commercials would hide from the shark in a tent Uncle D made. Uncle also surprised us with candy, drinks and ice cream at 9:20 at night. Lol oh well, we were on vacation! The kids were out by 10 surprisingly and everyone slept all night! 
Leaving to see the kiddos! 
Everyone together again! 

The kids took turns in this stroller we rented. I KNEW my baby girl wouldn't walk the whole time. 
This gorilla was huge! 
Pips owning the stroller
This monkey was showing off lol he would hold onto the side of the rock and lean but not touch the water
We all got to pet this snake! He felt like velvet and everyone loved him. Well except Daddy of course. He snuck into the next room. Lol
This water tower gave off sprays of water, like a mister but underneath had a steady flow of water. Everyone got "misted" to cool off and we see Manny is under the flowing water, getting absolutely soaked! Omg we laughed so hard. Well all but Jenny I'm sure ha ha they had to literally wring his shirt out! 
My favorite! 
The kids petted starfish and sting rays! 
Favorite number 2! 
Heading to room! 
The kids fort! 
Love these kids! 
Good night! 

Friday, October 3, 2014

Kid's Mini Vacay

The kids had a wonderful time with their aunt, uncle and cousin. We knew they would but I think it even surpassed their expectations! They went to a "mini" beach, a water park, Lego Land, several stores and many other fun places! We got daily updates and several pics and videos, not to mention everything on Instagram that was posted. Tia said Pippa asked about us during downtime or before bed, but she never cried or anything. I was so relieved! Here are some great pics of the kiddos enjoying themselves! 
Arriving at their house
Having lunch! 
At church
Beach fun
Burying baby girl's feet! 
Water fun
Lego land! 
The boys building! 
Watching a movie
My tough Pips
Even learned to drive! 

Our First Goodbye

After Pippa's party, Tio and Tia talked to Devin and I about something they had been wanting to do for a while. They wanted to take the kiddos for a few days and then we could come down to visit, spend a couple days and come back home. This would be the first time they were away from us! I knew they would have crazy fun and I knew I could obviously trust them with the kids, but I was a little nervous. Not too sure why but I was. We approached the kids with the idea and they screamed with excitement and couldn't wait to leave. I explained mommy and daddy wouldn't be there and they both were like, uh huh, we know. It was settled! We would meet halfway to give Tia our babies for nearly 5 days! That week flew by to me but Satirday couldn't come fast enough for the kids. We had packed the night before and left about 7:45 in the morning. We got there about 15 minutes before Tia, she hit some traffic, and so we waited. I had battled tears the whole way there and thought to myself just hold it in a little longer. Lol. She showed up, we kissed our sweet nephew, and then loaded up their car seats into her car. She had made them goodie bags and they were beyond excited! We said our goodbyes, which were tough, okay only for me lol, and watched them drive away. It was then time to head home! By ourselves. Kidless. I knew I would enjoy time alone with Devin, but it felt so different. 

My babies all ready to go! 

Tia just drove under the overpass...

Loaded up and ready to roll! 

Friday, August 15, 2014

Pippa's Party

Pippa's third birthday party was done in Minnie Mouse. She gave me three themes to pick from. Scooby, the Grinch, or Minnie. There are no cute decorations for Scooby so I crossed that off the list first. I hated to have to get all my Christmas stuff out to sort through (I know, lazy mom) but I have to say I was thrilled she gave me that as a choice. How cute is that? I love the Grinch! Minnie was a little generic to me but with hot pink and black and patterns, I knew I could make it cute! And it was! The party was just perfect and we had a great turnout. She got SOOOOO many gifts and they were all so precious! So many princesses and dress up clothes and toys and normal clothes and Barbie and Minnie things. Pink and purple was everywhere! She was so excited opening everything too! 

Minnie greeting guests

Her cake, cupcakes with Minnie ears or Pippa's face with ears and strawberry shortcake kabobs

Banner I found online, free printables are great! 

We made Minnie plates and the plastic ware was wrapped in "bows"

Our Minnie lantern

We had veggies, chips, spinach dip, pasta salad, pulled pork sliders and ham and swiss sliders! 

The Sewell fam

Love this pic!! Precious cousins! 

My perfect birthday girl! 

Waiting to pin the bow on Minnie

Adrian ended up winning! The youngest guy there and he won! 


Frozen shirt! 

A gorgeous tea set that sings! 



This box had princess dresses and jewelry in it

Cute clothes! 

Love this face! She looks too sweet! 

Making her wish and blowing them out! 

This pic is adorable too! Wearing her Ariel dress, in her princess chair, with her tea set. 

And sweet Lucas!