Friday, October 17, 2014

Reunited...Day 2

Well, until 6:45. I woke up to Adrian standing by my bed, staring at me, asking, "auntie, can I watch those eggs on your phone?" How could you say no?! I put on this super weird You Tube video Aikman loves and showed Manny, where an Asian woman unwraps Easter eggs made of clay and takes a small toy out of each one. It's like 45 minutes and you just hear her voice and see her hands. I couldn't even tell you how Monks came across it, but they love it. Weirdos. We got the kids ready and headed to breakfast (by ready, I mean teeth brushed and chanclas on). It was hard with the three of them because of the taller tables they had, but everyone's tummy got full so it was all good. We then went upstairs to get ready and to head out to the Frisco Mall! We had to go to the Lego store and the Disney store. Plus, I just wanted to look. We met up with Tio and Tia and shopped and then headed to the most amazing burger place ever. Yep, and I don't know the name. I will find it though! Okay, it's Kennys Burger Joint. Yes I went and looked it up. And yes I am talking to you like you knew you had to wait for me to get it. Sorry! Anyway, we had the best burger ever, no joke and the best fries ever. They were parmesan truffle fries. Hello! A. Mazing. The kids had great burgers too but with their meal, they get to design a sundae! You have a little card you check stuff off on and then they bring it to you after you eat! Yeah, super cool! They were loving it. We then did a little more shopping and had to hit up Trader Joe's! We then headed home late afternoon. It went by fast but oh man the laughs we shared and the memories we made were worth it! We had such an awesome time and I am so grateful to Mike and especially Jenny for taking such great care of our babies. We missed them but didn't have to worry and as parents, that's a crazy rare feeling. Love you guys! 

Waking up and watching tv! 
Dressed and fed
Pips found her dream car lol she did buy an Elsa doll of course and Monks bought a Lego set with superheroes. 
We were about to eat the best burger ever...
Here she is. Just beautiful. I got a mushroom and Brie burger. Hello! 
Pips about to get her sundae
One of the sets Aikman got. 

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